Workshop at the Conference Growth in Transition, November 2018, Austria Center Vienna

  Growing Pictures from norarufilm on Vimeo.

1st and 2nd VISIONALE in St. Pölten, May-June 2018
with LAMES, ArtEmbassy and e-Schmiede,

In the Beatbox at Steppenwolf in St. Pölten
2. VISIONALE - auf die Welt, mit LAMES, ArtEmbassy und e-Schmiede from norarufilm on Vimeo.

Mural Social in St. Pölten

VISIONALE is a collaboration between LAMES, ArtEmbassy and the e-Schmiede at the Sonnenpark in St. Pölten.
Emmerich Weissenberger has been developing the Mural Social from his art-activism work in Latin America since 2015, as an ArtEmbassy project with norarufilm, etc., with the focus on motivating young people for "the good life".
The Mural Social makes socio-political processes and value-attitudes visible, as independent works of Art.
Mural Social is a tool to empower and activate people to make messages a political signal.

Las Mercedes Reserva Natural de las Aguas, Colombia, 2017
Signal #09//17 Landfreikauf

In the "Magdalena medio" region in Caldas / Central
old farmhouse 
Colombia, not far from the largest river in the country, the Magdalena, nestled in Table Mountains, lies a still forgotten jungle landscape, full of bubbling springs, protected animals and rare plants.

Las Mercedes, as this small region is called, forms one of the last intact green corridors from the, still completely untouched, Pacific coast into the Colombian central country, located between the three Andes-Cordillera.
But this gem could be destroyed. By deconstruction and parceling, the rainforest has already been partially converted into agricultural land, only a few hectares of "Reserva" are safe. Now the total deforestation threatens! The owners can no longer hold against the pressure of the wood industry and want to sell their land.

view from the old farmhouse towards south-east
Emmerich Weissenberger and Nora Ruzsics are making it to their own - contemporary artistic - mission to save this country. Together with people from Colombia and Europe they want to free the heart of the rainforest. About 600 hectares of land are converted back into a protected zone, just the way it used to be for thousands of years. From the old farmhouse located on the property, will become a research and teaching station.

Signals to the Promised Land, 2014-15

We (ArtEmbassy), Nora Ruzsics (norarufilm) and Emmerich Weissenberger with our two sons travelled 2014-15 along the migration line, starting from Colombia northwards to the “promised land”, ending in the USA/ California. We visited social welfare projects, scientific camps, cooperating museums, as well as artists along the route. Through the exchange with local people artworks and art interventions on a peacemaking and scientific basis were created:

ArtEmbassy SIGNALS Costa Rica 2015 from norarufilm on Vimeo.