Signals for help, Freiwilligenmesse MAK, Vienna

Exhibition "Signals for help" at the Freiwilligenmesse
(Volunteers Fair) at MAK Vienna on Oct 25-26, 2014

ART EMBASSY - signals for help from Emmerich Weissenberger on Vimeo. by GO EPIC

3 Art Embassy Performers intervene from oct 20-25th 2014 as a group in public places between MAK and Museum Quarter in Vienna, to draw attention to the Freiwilligenmesse / Volunteer Fair.

FranzRosa Around The World

FranzRosa Around the World from norarufilm on Vimeo.
FranzRosa is the liberated human, the future human. A statue of liberty that says: ”It’s up to us!”

FRANZROSA anticipates the future human. A human with advanced sensory powers, who experiences more, differently and particularly new things. He is the model of the change